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Export Regulatory Compliance

We make sure that your products meet the sanitary requirements of the destination country so you can export without problems and delays. Let us take care of everything.  

What do I need to export my product?
We can explain you step by step

1. Define the
Product Identity.

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DUNS record.​

Plant registration with FDA.​

-Food and drinks


-Food supplements


U.S. Agent representation​.

List of eligible establishments for food of animal origin exportation USDA ​.

2.Establishment Registration.

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Commercial information of product labeling REVIEWS:​

- Food and beverage

- Animal source foods (label registration with USDA)​

- Pet food​

- Cosmetics​

- Dietary supplements​

- Drugs

3. Check your Label.

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Acidified and low acid foods and beverages (FCE/SIDs)​.

Drug Listing​.

Cosmetic Listing​.

4. Product Registration.

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Servicios Sialico

Sialico Services

Sialico Services

Good Manufacturing Practices for Mexico (NOM 251)​ development and support

cGMP and Safety Plans Development and monitoring of in accordance with FSMA/FDA​.

5. Manufacturing Regulations Review.

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6. Export your Product.

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Sialico Services

→Import alert removals.

Detention Advicing.


Do you want to start exporting to the USA and don't know what the FDA requires for your product?

We can provide all the information you need.


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